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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Turkey with Orange Pomegranate Sauce and Roasted Root Vegetables

Today, I roasted some root vegetables and made turkey with a sweet orange pomegranate sauce based on a recipe that Scott sent me (turkeyandrootvegrecipe.pdf). I pretty much just followed that with some minor changes - I used onion instead of shallots, and added celery and yellow pepper.

It turned out pretty good. The vegetables were really good, but could use a little more seasoning. The turkey and sauce were really nice, but a little sweet.


Scott Bliss said...

I've got to say -- this is pretty sweet. I send you a recipe, and you cook it and send me pictures....maybe tomorrow I'll send you a recipe to deposit a thousand dollars into my bank account.

iHateWheat said...

By the way, this stuff makes really good leftovers. The flavor has increased while sitting in the fridge and it microwaves very well.